C Language


How C developed?

  • B Language(Basic Combined Programming Language [BCPL]) was modified call C language by Dennis Ritchie and was implemented AT bell laboratory in year 1972.


Why C is very popular

  • Reliable
  • Simple
  • Easy



  • System OS
  • Mobile Programs
  • Game Programs

C Features

  • High level structured language (using functions)
  • Fast and efficient
  • Build in functions
  • Programming task became simple
  • It has a 32 keywords
  • Highly Portable(Any kind of machine can run)
  • Case sensitivity

C Language Compiling process

5 Stage of compiling process like Pr-processing, compiler, Assembler, Linker, Executable file.



Preprocessor -> “#” Preprocessor command (Input File  .C File)

PreProcessor Removes commands like #Include and include header file files in source code, Also remove  #define (Macro)  with replace macro name with code

Compiler -> Syntax Verification & Convert C program into Assembly Code

Different compiler  are below listed :

  • GCC
  • Turbo C
  • Dev C++
  • Code Block

Assembler -> Assembly language into Machine code(0s and 1s)

Linker -> Link the all Library Files

Executable file -> “dot exe” file for Window



  • How to view c compiling process (Answer will Add soon)
  • How can I run C program in Windows? (Answer will Add soon)
  • How to compiler C program in windows? (Answer will Add soon)


Compiler Design

  • Lexical Analyzer
  • Syntax Analyzer
  • Syntax Directed Translation
  • Code Generation and Optimization
  • Run-time Environments




Binary to decimal Converter

Q : Binary number 1101.101 is equivalent to decimal number?
A. 13.5
B. 13.75
C. 13.625
D. 13.875

Answer: Option C  ( Explanation: Binary .101 equals 0.625 in decimal.) Below image link.

Example Convert 88 Decimal to binary format.





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