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What is firmware?

  • Firmware is a piece of code for small type of device. The firmware contains binaries, that can do all the works and process.

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  1. What is NodeMCU Firmware?
  2. What is the format of NodeMCU Firmware?
  3. What contains the NodeMCU Fimware?
  4. Build Firmware
    1. How to build the NodeMCU Firmware for ESP8266?
    2. How to compile the NodeMCU Firmware for ESP8266?
    3. How to build the NodeMCU firmware from source?
    4. How Build NodeMCU firmware for ESP8266 in Linux Machine?
    5. How Build NodeMCU firmware for ESP8266 using web based Cloud?
    6. how to build NodeMCU firmware on your own?
  5. What are the ESP8266 modules are support this NodeMCU Firmware?
  6. Which ESP8266 modules is best for NodeMCU Firmware?

NodeMCU Firmware

  • NodeMCU firmware is contains many lua modules.
  • Lua modules are contains many lua library files and calling functions.
  • You can select based on your requirement in custom firmware build page.


In Linux


Web based Cloud Build Custom NodeMCU Firmware

Beginner Recommended Method*


Step 1 :

Go-to this site


Step 2 :

Two times enter your e-mail address (You will get a status about building the firmware)


Step 3 :

Select branch to build from (Recommended choose master always)

Step 4 :

Select modules to include( More than 40+ NodeMCU Lua Modules are available, Select depends upon your application development)


Step 5 :

Miscellaneous options (Recommended for beginner : Don’t select any option )


Step 6 :

Click Start Your Build button


Step 7 :

Open your mail id (What you gave before)

Step 8:

you will get a email about firmware  building started and finished notification. In finished Notification mail you can download float  and integer  type NodeMCU .bin  firmware file.




ESP8266 – How to build and flash firmware to ESP8266?

ESP8266 Build and flash the firmware is very easy job. before that you need to choose the correct esp8266 platform (Arduino Core, AT Command, NodeMCU, Mangoes OS, Micro-python) for your requirement. At first you should know, what is esp8266 firmware? esp8266 Firmware contains a collection of library files or binary files. Why need to flash Firmware into esp8266? like when we think, we can’t able to write all code our self. so we will follow some open source. if you use open source you need to flash the selected open source library file into esp8266 before start your application.

if you select AT commands, NodeMCU, Mongoose, and ESPressif methods you need flash the firmware before. In Arduino method  you don’t need to flash the firmware first. when upload the arduino compiler build the firmware with our application code as bin file. Flashing the firmware to esp8266 is very easy and simple.

Previous section we discussed about what is ESP8266?, What are the different kind of esp8266 boards available in the market? what are the different way to program the esp8266?  and different type of programmers available for ESP8266?  if you not read that please see here :


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