Embedded Interface – MCP23017


  • 16-bit input/output port expander with interrupt output
  • 16 bit serial interface
  • Cascadable for up to 8 devices on one bus
  • 25mA sink/source capability per I/O
  • Supports 100kHz, 400kHz and 1.7MHz I2C™Compatible compatible modes


Pin Details


  • There are two interrupt pins, INTA and INTB, that can be associated with their respective ports, or can be
    logically OR’ed together so that both pins will activate if either port causes an interrupt.


  • system master can enable the I/Os as either inputs or outputs by writing the I/O configuration bits
    IOCON.BANK – The MCP23X17 can beconfigured to operate in the 8-bit or 16-bit modes via “IOCON.BANK.”

Data Sheet :

  • 2005-2016
  • 2007


  • Interfacing a 4×4 Matrix Keypad with an 8-Bit GPIO Expander
  • Expanding the number of I/O lines using Microchip MCP23008
  • Unique Features of the MCP23X08/17 GPIO Expanders
  • MCP23008 port expander interfaced to PIC12F683

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