WordPress is a content management tool for web design and development. WordPress supports many themes, plugins, css, and it has many features. We can easily install WordPress in any kind of machines and user-friendly. Now a days WordPress users are increasing day by day, Because of its most powerful of features. Also support mobile, tab and web views. User friendly dashboard give many option to use the blog.

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + Key

  • ctrl + c  Copy
  • ctrl + v  Paste
  • ctrl + a  Select all
  • ctrl + x  Cut
  • ctrl + z  Undo
  • ctrl + y  Redo
  • ctrl + b  Bold
  • ctrl + i  Italic
  • ctrl + u  Underline
  • ctrl + k  Insert/edit link


Shift + Alt + Key

  • Shift + Alt + 1  H1
  • Shift + Alt + 2  H2
  • Shift + Alt + 3  H3
  • Shift + Alt + 4  H4
  • Shift + Alt + 5  H5
  • Shift + Alt + 6  H6
  • Shift + Alt + 7  Paragraph
  • Shift + Alt + C  Align Center
  • Shift + Alt + L  Align Left
  • Shift + Alt + R  Align Right (Text, Headers, Images)
  • Shift + Alt + T  Insert Read More Tag
  • Shift + Alt + O  Numbered List
  • Shift + Alt + Q  Block Quotes


Formatting Shortcuts

  • *  Bulleted list,
  • -  Bulleted list,
  • 1.  Numbered list
  • 1)  Numbered list
  • ##  H2
  • ###  H3
  • ####  H4
  • #####  H5
  • ######  H6
  • >  transform text into block quote
  • ---  horizontal line
  • `..`  transform text into code block


WordPress Theme


WordPress Theme Detectors

Know the third-party WordPress website theme & plugin details


Other WordPress Design tool

This site using WordPress and awesome design

WordPress CSS

What is CSS?

  • CSS abbreviation is Cascading Style Sheets
  • Used to cascading the web design easily


How to edit font size, color, etc., in heading

  • will add soon


Change hyper Link Colors using CSS in WordPress theme.

  • If your theme not support to change the hyperlink color, then use this below CSS to change the hyperlink color

Code :


Change site title color and background


Site Background color change












 Site info




WordPress Dashboard

Q : How to change WordPress button color in dashboard?

Login to your site using WordPress Go to Users tab in Dashboard Click All Users → Click Edit in Users list → In Admin Color Scheme Select your Schema.


WordPress Post Category & Post Type

Q : How to Change Your Default WordPress Post Category & Post Type ?

  • In your admin area, simply navigate to Settings Writing and then look for the pull down menu beside “Default Post category.”

Image Source


WordPress plugins


Table Press



Table-press Troubleshoot guide


Hide page source code WordPress plugin

  • Plugin : https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-hide-security-enhancer


RSS Feed

Image Source

  • Rich site summary often called really simple syndication

Video Source


WordPress using Websites

  • https://www.thinger.io/
  • https://www.aachigroup.com/
  • NerasTech – http://www.nerastech.com
  • NexIOT – https://nexiot.com
  • ST Courier – http://stcourier.com/
  • http://aasheha.com/
  • E commerce site (http://www.ashopbd.com/)



WordPress FQA

  • How to install WordPress in Windows PC ?
  • How to install WordPress  in Cpanel ?
  • How to install WordPress in Linux ?


          Woo-commerce is a free e-commerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, beautifully. Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, Woo-commerce is the world’s favorite e-commerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control. With endless flexibility and access to hundreds of free and premium WordPress extensions, Woo-commerce now powers 30% of all online stores more than any other platform.

  • MSG91 created woo-commerce SMS plugin to send SMS to customers.

Make Awesome Blog

Earning money is important for everyone. Lot of way to earn the money easily. One of the way is blogging. Show your know knowledge & skills to express one of the way is blogging. You can earning money using blogging by show advertisement in your blog. Advertisement agents are available in market (google).

Writing post

  • Breaking down the complex concept into a simple and easily understandable to a common man is a special skill. Showcase your content to display in different section is a beautiful job for blogger.


Use Proofread writing

  • Use proofread writing to check your post content have any grammatical mistakes. It will find out the mistake word and suggest the correct for your post.


Use bulleted list and numbered list

  • Use bulleted list or numbered list to your valid point instead of paragraph.


Use Insert Read more tag

  • Use read more tag to show your post less words in c
  • ategories.


Use horizontal line

  • Use horizontal line to separate two different sections. Its look little beauty of your post.


Use feature Image for post

  • Feature image shows good post view in categories page.
  • SEO issue: The featured image should be at least 200 by 200 pixels to be picked up by Facebook and other social media sites.


Remove Meta information in post

  • Remove Meta information such as Author and Date from posts and pages.
  • Login to your site using WordPress Go to Appearance tab in Dashboard Click EdiotCheck in “Theme function.php“.








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