WordPress is a content Management tool for web design and development. WordPress supports many themes, plugins, css, and many it has many features. We can easily install WordPress in any kind of machines and user-friendly

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + Key

  • c Copy
  • v Paste
  • a Select all
  • x Cut
  • z Undo
  • y Redo
  • b Bold
  • i Italic
  • u Underline
  • k Insert/edit link

Formatting Shortcuts

  • *  Start an unordered list,
  • -  Start an unordered list,
  • 1.  Start an ordered list
  • 1)  Start an ordered list
  • ##  H2
  • ###  H3
  • ####  H4
  • #####  H5
  • ######  H6
  • >  transform text into blockquote
  • ---  horizontal line
  • `..`  transform text into code block


WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme Detectors


WordPress CSS

What is CSS?

  • CSS abbreviation is Cascading Style Sheets
  • Used to cascading the webdesign easily


How to edit font size, color, etc., in heading

  • will add soon
  • Change hyper Link Colors using CSS in WordPress theme.

    • If your theme not support to change the hyperlink color, then use this below CSS to change the hyperlink color

    Code :


    • Will Add Soon



    WordPress Dashboard

    How to change WordPress button color in dashboard?

    Login to your site using WordPress Go to Users tab in Dashboard Click All Users → Click Edit in Users list → In Admin Color Scheme Select your Schema.

    How to Change Your Default WordPress Post Category & Post Type

    • In your admin area, simply navigate to Settings > Writing > and then look for the pull down menu beside “Default Post Categoy.”
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    WordPress plugins

    Table Press



    TablePress Troubleshoot guide


    Hide page source code WordPress plugin

    • Plugin : https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-hide-security-enhancer/


    RSS Feed

    Image Source

    • Rich Site Summary often called Really Simple Syndication

    Video Source


    WordPress using Websites



    WordPress FQA