8051 – Interview Question




Which technology for develop 8051?


8051 follows which Architecture?

  • Harvard Architechture

Difference Between Harvard Architecture and Von Neumann Architecture?

What is width of the 8051 Data Bus?

  • 8 Bit

What is the width of the 8051 Address Bus

  • 16 Bit address

 How many I/O ports are in 8051 Microcontroller?

How many SFRs are in 8051 MicroController?

What is DPTR

Wat is the capacity of internal RAM and internal ROM?

  • Internal RAM – 256bytes
  • Internal ROM – 64Kbytes

What is the purpose of  PSW register in 8051?

What is the purpose of SFR register in 8051?

What is the use of EA pin in 8051?

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