Embedded – Interview Questions

What is the use of bit wise operators?

  • The bit-wise shift operators are used to move all of the operand left or right a given number of times.

Difference Between Mutex and Semaphore

  • MutexMutexes are typically used to serialise access to a section of  re-entrant code that cannot be executed concurrently by more than one thread. A mutex object only allows one thread into a controlled section, forcing other threads which attempt to gain access to that section to wait until the first thread has exited from that section
  • SemaphoreA semaphore restricts the number of simultaneous users of a shared resource up to a maximum number. Threads can request access to the resource (decrementing the semaphore), and can signal that they have finished using the resource (incrementing the semaphore)

What is the use of #progma  keyword

  • This is a preprocessor directive that can be used to turn on or off certain features.
  • It is of two types #pragma startup  , #pragma exit  and #pragma warn  .
    • #pragma startup allows us to specify functions called upon program startup.
    • #pragma exit  allows us to specify functions called upon program exit.

Difference between Harvard and Von Neumann computer architectures

  • There are basically two types of digital computer architectures. The first one is called Von Neumann architecture and later Harvard architecture was adopted for designing digital computers.

Von Neumann Architecture:


 What is MicroController ?


What is the need for an infinite loop in Embedded systems?

Embedded systems need infinite loops for repeatedly processing/monitoring the state of the program


For e.g. Customer care Telephone systems where in a pre-recorded audio file is played in case the dialer is put on hold..

What is the work of compiler?

Compiler – Source code to Binary code

What is called 8,16,32,64 Bit microcontrollers?

  • 8Bit Operations

  What is SPIFFS?

  • SPIFFSSerial Peripheral Interface Flash File System

What is configuration management?

 It is a system Engineering process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a products performance, functional and  physical attributes with its requirements, design and optional information throughout its life . See more

  • SCM (Software Configuration Management)
  • HCM (Hardware Configuration Management)


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