Delete Anything in Android

  • How to permanently delete videos, photos, call record in Android phone.?
    •  You never notice your android mobile does not have a recylebin. This means all your deleted data are not permanently not deleted. Beware this problem if your using android phones.
    • Solution
      • Use Any Data Recovery software to recover all deleted data and do permanent Delete
      • For example i used the this android app DiskDigger Photo Recovery from Google play store, then scan all normally deleted photos and videos and choose whatever you want and delete permanently. this is the one of the complex methode for Delete your photos and videos.


online android studio


Mi – Mobile

Redmi Mobile suite : Android


Error in Android

20180531 : I got error like below image. and i solved using swipe data in recovery mood. And restarted then  works again well.


Android Call History

Android Call History hack

Save Your Call History For Android mobile to Google Drive

  • Using IFFT.




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