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8085 Interview Questions

Q : To multiply a number by 8 in 8085 we have to use RAL instruction

  • When RAL instruction is used once the number is doubled.


Q : IC (instruction cycle), FC (fetch cycle) and EC (executive cycle) are related as

A. IC = FC – EC
B. IC = FC + EC @
C. IC = FC + 2EC
D. EC = IC + EC

  • Answer: Option B (Explanation: Instruction cycle consists of fetch and execute cycles).


Q: 8085 has 6 how many sign flags ?

  • It has one sign flag S.

C Interview Questions

  1. Storage Classes
  2. Structure & Union Difference

Digital Electronics Interview Questions

What is Latch?

           Latch is a electronic logic circuit, it has two inputs(Set and Rest) and one output. In micro controller Latch is a temporary memory unit. it can control signal  while the data transmission.

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