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Embedded product Design

  1. Understand and analyze customer and design requirements to identify any gaps or missing information needed to perform development and testing activities
  2. Participate in high level design for the projects that have high reuse factor
  3. Design software components based on the high-level design requirements
  4. Develop integration test plans and test cases to verify that the software meet the customer and the high-level requirements
  5. Test cases planning & Execution of test plans
  6. Analysis of executed test plans, and confirming that the software behavior respects the requirement documents
  7. Report findings (SW Bugs) on the configuration management tool
  8. Prepare test reports
  9. Perform the responsibilities of the previous technical level as per the projects need
  10. Perform technical reviews on software component design, code, and test
  11. Continuously communicate work progress through attendance of daily & weekly project meetings. (Internal and external with other Value sites)
  12. Support his/her colleagues whenever required


in short for

  • Block Diagram
  • Design Circuit Diagram
  • Select Correct Component
  • Resistor
  • Capacitor
  • Diode
  • Encloser Box


Embedded Real Time Applications


Image Source

Manufacture companies


Elevators (Lift)




Manufacture companies



Moving Walks




Getting Started with 4004 MicroProcessor


Getting started with STM8S003 Controller


STM Programmer

 You can buy this USB programmer  from Ebay
       The ST-LINK/V2 is an in-circuit debugger
and programmer for the STM8 and STM32 microcontroller families. The
single wire interface module (SWIM) and JTAG/serial wire debugging (SWD)
interfaces are used to communicate with any STM8 or STM32
microcontroller located on an application board. for more deatilas about ST-LINK V2 programmer clik here. SWIM is Single Wire Interface Module, See SWIM protocol deatails.


STM8S003 Datasheet


 First Hellow World Example of  LED Blink Program in STM8S003 Controller

Usually the first program of everything (Controller) in electronics we start from blink example.

Required Developmanet Tool

Getting Started with IAR working Bench in STM8

  • Alternatively you can download the full standard library for STM8 from ST website.


Refer Links


 OSI Layers

  • Application (7)
  • Presentation (6)
  • Session (5)
  • Transport (4)
  • Network (3)
  • Data Link (2)
  • Physical  (1)

TCP/IP Layer

  • Application (7,6,5)
  • Transport (4)
  • Internet(3)
  • Network Interface(2,1)

How Create a Local Web Server  in Windows

  • First you will need a setup a local web server tool like Apache or some other.
  • Download and install XAMPP Software.
    • When finish installation XAMPP, By default the XAMPP control panel will be launched.
    • Click “Start” for Apache and MySQL if needed.
  • if you type local host or local machine IP address the browser then it will show the pages from http://localhost/dashboard/
  • Now create a new html page
  • Use below code and create new doc name as “ArunEworld.html”


  • Save that “ArunEworld.html” documents toot located in c:\xampp\htdocs\
  • Now check this url : http://localhost/ArunEworld.html or
  • Done. Enjoy.


USB to serial Programmers

USB to Serial IC Manufacturers Companies


PL2303 Converter USB To TTL






  • Different chip sets
    • FT232R
    • FT232RL 


 Troubleshoot Problem

This device cannot start. (Code 10)

A device which does not exist was specified.
 Usually Windows automatically installs FTDI
VCP [Virtual COM Port] drivers however with some batches of FTDI
chips the default windows drivers do NOT work. The latest version of FTDI
VCP drivers also do NOT work and FTDI seem oblivious of that fact.
The previous version of FTDI VCP drivers does appear to work with all
batches of FTDI chips. When the FTDI drivers do not work with a particular
batch of FTDI chips the Virtual Com Port will appear in Windows Device
Manager however serial communications will not work
 To Solve this problem you need to download this software below



I make no warranty that any of my
information is correct, or safe, or does or does not breach any warranty
clause,  or anything else, it is up to you to decide if you will
follow all or any of the instructions to recover the Supervisor Password
from a TP. It is up to you to decide, I am not responsible for the
results or for any consequential or incidental damages whatsoever.



Other Embedded Training Institute


  • What is frequency
    • The frequency of a wave the number of waves that pass by each second, and is measured in Hertz (Hz).
    • Eg: 50hz (AC power in india)
    • Sound (450hz)
    • Light()Electromagnetic wave

Radio waves
Micro waves
infrared waves
ultraviolet waves
gamma rays

What is baud rate?
What is duty cycle?


  • Communication
    • In Modems contains a switches, thet lets you choose between full duplex and half duplex modes.
    • choice depends on which communication program you running.
  • Communication methods
    • Simplex
      • One way communications (TV Telecasting)
      • Eg : IR Remote (Only transmit)
    • Duplex
      • Half-Duplex
        • Eg:I2C, One Wire
      • Full-Duplex
        • Eg: SPI, UART
  • What is duplex?
    • duo – double
    • plex – part of
  • What is full duplex communication?
    • The transmission of the data in two directions simultaneously.
    • Eg: Telephone communication (Both user can talk at once)
    • wired communication protocols : SPI, UART,
  • What is half duplex communication?
    • The transmission of the data in two directions simultaneously.
    • Eg: Walkie-takie communication (single user can talk at once, another should wait a minute)
    • Wired communication protoc0ls : I2C, One WIre.
  • What is Bootloader?
    • Bootloader is a piece of code that runs before, any operating system is running.
    • Bootloader are used to boot other operating systems, usually each operating system has a set of bootloaders specific for it.
    • Bootloaders usually contain several ways to boot the OS kernel and also contain commands for debugging and/or modifying the kernel environment.
    • Bootloader are used to boot other operating systems, usually each operating system has a set of bootloaders specific for it.
    • Bootloaders usually contain several ways to boot the OS kernel and also contain commands for debugging and/or modifying the kernel environment.
    • Reference Link


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