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Backup Google Date

How backup your all data in google?





How change the gmail sent date?

  • Use any gmail mail client like.
  • Use your android mobile, download and instal gmail app ( )client in playstore
  • Change or set your preferred mobile time and date in settings
  • Now send e-mail from your gmail
  • Reception will receive the your preferred date and time e-mail. (Happy!)



Chrome Browser

automatically open chrome app daily

  • Schedule Task in windows
  • Tested with Windows 10, 64-bit machine
  • Goto -> Control panel -> Administrator tool-> task scheduler
  • Ex : Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools
  • Then Click “Task Scheduler”
  • Click “Create Basic Task”
  • Give Name of your Task “Test ArunEworld”

Reference :

Google Keep

Google keep Notepad shortcuts


  • List by Numbers format “number dot Space List tems” ex : 1. Arun, 2. Prakash
  • List by Dot formate : star space list items (ex *Arun)
    • • Arun
    • • Prakash


  • Bold the letters in google keep notes?

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