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Before leaning to programming language, you should know the answer of following some basic questions,

  • What is language?
  • Why language is very important?
  • what is the use of language?
  • Without language how communicate with each others?

What is Language?

Language is a set of rule and regulations. Its help to communicate like emotions, feelings, thoughts of humans to other humans.

What is programming language?

Programming language is a set of rules and regulations design by humans. Its helps to communicate any kind of data in the format of binary  from one machine to other machines. lot of programming languages are there in the real world like C, C++, Lua, python, HTML, Java, Java Script so on.

Functions in Programming language

  • A function is a block of organized, reusable code that is used to perform a single related action or  A function is a piece of code, capable of performing a similar task repeatedly. (it id defined using def keyword in python.

Software Development Life Cycle

  • Methods :- Water Fall method, V Method,


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Feature Topis are C++, Java, JavaCript, HTML, SQL, CSS,

Programming Language
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