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Embedded Timer Application

    Usually timer is used to do certain task in a specific period of time. it can be used in three ways

  • Timer :- status monitor of WiFi or internet using (mqtt, http, tcp/ip, net module)
  • Battery level monitor using timer with LED
  • Timer Type
    • Single alarm
    • Semi alarm – Manually restart the alarm
    • Automatically repeating alarm


Single Alarm

Single alarm is run only one time specified period of duration. It can’t repeat.


  • Day to day life using single alarm for wake up in earlier morning.

Semi Alarm


Repeated Alarm


Embedded Application LED

  • LED Blink Methods
    • LED Blink using Capacitor
    • LED Blink using Timer.
    • LED Blink using Miceo controller
      • Using Timer alarm
      • Using timer delay
  • LED Blink Application
    • Becone lights in Car, Bus, track, Airplane 🛬, bike, cycle (🚓🚐🚎🚍🚌🚔🚕🚖🚗🚘🚜🚙🚚🚛🚲🛴🚜,)
    • Vehicles right 👉 /left 👈 indicators in front & back also in dashboard.
    • Wifi Routers :- Wifi Connectivity indicators blink, Internet Connectivity indicator


Embedded Counter Application




Embedded Countdown Application





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