ESP32 Lua-RTOS – IDE Setup and Firmware Flash

We tested with EPSressif ESP-Wroom-32 Dev Board and ESP32 Core firmware with ESPressif Flash tool.


Where to get Lua-RTOS firmware? (Pr-compiled binaries)

Flash Tool

Steps to follow

  1. Download suitable firmware based on your ESP32 board  from the above link.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file anywhere on you Machine.
  3. Download the Flash tool also from above Link and Unzip that.
  4. Open the flash tool for ESP32 and set follow parameters
    • Baud 921600.
    • flash_mod “dio”
    • flash_Freq “40m”
    • For Flash Fimware
      • Bootloader.WHITECAT-ESP32-N1.bin  – 0x1000.
      • lua_rtos.WHITECAT-ESP32-N1.bin –  0x10000.
      • partitions_singleapp.WHITECAT-ESP32-N1.bin – 0x8000.
    • For Flash File System
      • spiff_image.WHITECAT-ESP32-N1.Bin
  5. Done

Note : Change “esp-idf path” and “usb path” according to your needs.

Connect to the Console

  1. Connect any UART Serial Tool
  2. Set the following parameters
    • speed: 115200 bauds
    • data bits: 8
    • stop bits: 1
    • parity: none
    • terminal emulation: VT100

after connect esp32 to PC you will see the following.

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