ESP32 NodeMCU Module – WiFi


  • wifi.getchannel()  Gets the current WiFi channel.
  • wifi.getmode()  Gets WiFi operation mode.
  • wifi.mode()  Configures the WiFi mode to use.
  • wifi.start()  Starts the WiFi interface(s).
  • wifi.stop()  Shuts down the WiFi interface(s).
  • wifi.sta.config()  Sets the WiFi station configuration.
  • wifi.sta.connect()  Connects to the configured AP in station mode.
  • wifi.sta.disconnect()  Disconnects from AP in station mode.
  • wifi.sta.on()  Registers callbacks for WiFi station status events.
  • wifi.sta.scan()  Scan for available networks.
  • wifi.ap.config()  Configures the AP.
  • wifi.ap.on()  Registers callbacks for WiFi AP events.


Scan for available all station networks


Connect ESP32 to WiFi Router

WiFi Event Monitoring for Station Mode

Check the device connected to WiFi router?


Check the device disconnected from WiFi router?


Check the device authentication mode changed in WiFi router?


Check the device got IP from WiFi router?


Set ESP32 as Access Point Mode


WiFi Event Monitoring for AP Mode

Check Which device are connected to ESP32 in AP Mode?


Check Which device is disconnected from ESP32 in AP Mode?


Check Which device have problem with ESP32 in AP Mode?


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