What is mongoose OS

Mongoose OS is a small RTOS developed by Cesanta, Ireland. Its support many small powerful  mcu like ESP8266, ESP32 and CC2530. Mongoose OS is a open source embedded operating system for low-power connected microcontrollers.

  • Code in C or JavaScript;
  • Security features like crypto chip support, filesystem encryption, etc;
  • Built-in AWS IoT, Google IoT integration;
  • Embedded JavaScript engine – mJS;
  • Available for ESP8266, ESP32, TI CC3200, STM32.
  • Mangoose RTOS is used semaphore.

Mongoose OS benefits:

  • Quick proof of concepts / prototypes;
  • Shorter time to market at optimal cost;
  • Secure, trusted and verified by leading companies;
  • Reliable infrastructure for commercial products.


Required for development

if you wanna develop your project using mongoose os , you wanna need some hardware and software.

  • Your mcu (Ex : ESP8266) -> hardware
  • mos tool -> for mongoose os development software tool like web based UI.


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