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  • cPanel is an online Linux-based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site
  • https://cpanel.com/


  • How to install cpanel on windows ?


Chat Bot for website



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Chat Interface






   I’m Using this live free chat from 2017 December in my site www.aruneworld.com, Really i love this chat bot. we can monitor visitor country, browser, and navigated page history(track user visiting pages). you can also send chat history to email recipient.


Facebook page, post embed on website


  • Facebook Page, timeline, message.
    • How display/show my Facebook page into my site?
  • Post Embed
    • How display/show my post into my site?
    • How display/show my page post into my Site?
    • How to display all your page reviews in your site?
      • Method Manual : Click the review post option and select embed and copy the IFrame code and past it on your site
      • Automated : Coming soon


Facebook page embed Steps

  • Go-to this site : https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/page-plugin/
  • Enter your Facebook Page URL : https://www.facebook.com/ArunEworld/
  • tab option you can select following to embed in your site
    • timeline,
    • events,
    • messages.
    • if leave blank its show only page cover photo and  like button
  • you can also choose as your wish like width, height,  Use Small Header, Adapt to plugin container width, Hide Cover Photo, Show Friend’s Faces
  • Click get code button (Then popup will shows 3 different codes, Select Iframe  tab)
  • Copy the code and paste where you wanna  show the Facebook page into your site.


Facebook page/personal post embed in your website

Method 1:


Method 2 :

  • You can get the embed code directly from the post itself. If the post is public, click on the icon that appears in the top right corner of the post on Facebook.
  • Choose the embed post
  • Pop up will come with IFram code
  • Copy the code and paste where you wanna  show the Facebook page into your site.








Twitter Timeline and follow button Embed on website


  • How show twitter follow button in my website?
  • How to show/display the twitter timeline in my website?



  • Go to this site : https://publish.twitter.com/#
  • Enter your twitter url
  • Select display option :
    • Embedded Timeline,
    • Twitter Button
  • Copy the the html  code and paste in your site where you want to display?



Weather Report Embed in website


Zapier Automation Tools

  • Send new Facebook Pages posts to your Chatfuel bot in
  • Copy new Google Calendar events to a different Google Calendar
  • Make Facebook Page photo posts from new files in a folder on Google Drive

Domain Details

Know website details like domain name provider


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Viewing your new listings in the search engines

  • Google search type  site:aruneworld.com  and see all your post and pages are coming in google, also other search engine.

Focus keyword

  • The "SEO title"  contains the "focus keyword" , at the beginning which is considered to improve rankings.
  • The "focus keyword"  appears in the "URL"  for this page.


Check broken links in your site

Frequently check your broken links in your site. Many online tools are available for broken links, that will list-out all your broken/dead links in your site. This will make a good rank in search engine side.

Why broken links are bad?

  1. They create negative impact usability to user.
  2. They damage your ranking in searching list.


Website broken link checker in online


Site map


Crawlers and indexing



  • How to share Facebook calendar in website?
  • how to show google drive photos in website?
  • How to Post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ at the Same Time?


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