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An inductor is a coil of wound on a core. An inductor opposes the sudden variation of current. an inductor stores the energy in the form of current in magnetic field. The coil blocks DC voltage.an inductor allows the Direct current

L=µ o µr A N2/l Henry

  • l=length of the core,
  • µ o=permeability of free space,
  • µr=relative permeability of the core material,
  • A=area of cross-section of the coil, N=length of the core,

Joseph Henry (1797 – 1878)

Born in upstate New York he worked on electromagnetism and inductance in Albany and Princeton. Was appointed the first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington in 1864

Types of Inductors:

  • Fixed Inductors
  • Air Core Inductors
  • Iron Core Inductors
  • Ferrite Core Inductors
  • Variable Inductors
  • Movable Core Inductors
  • Tapped Inductors


Uses of Inductos

  • Iron core inductor
    • used in low frequency applications such as filter circuits in power supplies, chokes in fluorescent tubes or as a reactive element in ac circuits.
  • Ferrite Core Inductor
    • used in RF chokes for supply decoupling purpose
    • switching regulated type dc power supplies
    • various type of filters used in communication equipment’s
  • Ferrite core variable inductor
    • used in tuned circuits, it required to vary the inductance from a minimum value to a maximum value.


Application of Inductors

  • chokes for supply decoupling purposes.
  • switching regulated type dc power supplies.
  • various type of filters used in communication equipment



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