Embedded Interface – LED

 LED (Light Emitted Diode)

LED Symbol


How to Identify the LED Positive and Negative Leads ?

  • Long lead is positive(+) and small lead is negative(-)
  • Round circle lead is positive(+) and flat lead is negative(-)


LED Chemical Substance

Summary of LED Colors and Common Chemistries

Color Wavelength Materials
Amber 605-620 nm Gallium arsenide phosphide, Aluminum gallium indium phosphide
Blue 430-505 nm IInGaN (Indium Gallium Nitride), Gallium nitride, Silicon carbide, Sapphire, Zinc selenide
Green 550-570 nm Aluminum gallium phosphide, Gallium nitride
Infra-Red 850-940 nm Gallium arsenide, AL GaAs (Aluminum Gallium Arsenide)
Red 630-660 nm AL GaAs (Aluminum Gallium Arsenide), Gallium arsenide phosphide, Gallium phosphide
Ultraviolet 370-400 nm Indium gallium nitride, Aluminum gallium nitride
Violet 410-420nm
Yellow 585-595 nm Aluminum gallium phosphide, Gallium arsenide phosphide, Gallium phosphide


LED Light wave length
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410nm-420nm(violet) Skin therapy
430nm-470nm(blue) Dental curing instrument
470nm(blue) White LED’s using phosphor, blue for RGB white
520nm-530nm(green) Green traffic signal lights, amber for RGBA white lights
580nm-590nm(amber) Red signal lights, red for RGBA white lights
630nm-640nm(red) Blood oximetry
660nm(deep red) Skin therapy
680nm(deep red) Night vision illuminators and beacons for use with night vision goggles or CCD’S
800nm-850nm(near IR) Photo electric controls
940nm(near IR) Convert illumination CCD based systems


Reference  : http://www.goldwynled.com/knowledge-bank/led-basics






LED Blink


LED Application

  • Status Indicator
  • WiFi Router Status Indicator (Blink LED-Internet Status)
  • Charge level Indication in mobile power-bank [Blink LED – Single RGB LED or Multiple Color LED)
  • Bike Automation
    • Bike Turn Indicator (LED Blink – while turned)
    • Bike Side stand indicator (LED Glow -if Side stand is not took)
  • Car Automation
    • Car Turn Indicator (LED Blink – while turned)
    • Car Door Status indicator(LED Glow -if Door is not close or opened)


  • LED Blink using Delay Function
  • LED Blink using Timer Function
  • LED as a Status Indicator(Using condition Check)Button

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