ESP8266 NodeMCU – How to know firmware information


       If you have a more number of custom NodeMCU firmware, but firmware name does not contains the details of info about what are the NodeMCU module libraries are present. if ESPlorer work fine means ESP8266 returns the firmware details, some times ESPlorer IDE does not auto detect the firmware details. so you should note that your custom NodeMCU firmware details yourself. In this post will help to firmware details list easily by using small code.

First Watch Video Demonstration



Can’t auto detect firmware, because proper answer not got!



Two way to know NodeMCU Firmware Details.

  • Auto Detect NodeMCU Firmware info in ESPlorer IDE (DO software restart ESP8266 in ESPlorer IDE)
  • Use small piece of code to know the NodeMCU firmware details


Required Components

  • ESPlorer IDE
  • ESP8266 Module
  • USB to TTL/Serial Programmer or Used our arduino board.


Basic Connection Diagram

Lua Code


Step to follow

  • Flash old NodeMCU firmware to ESP8266 using Flasher tool
  • Upload the above NodeMCU Lua code to ESP8266 using ESPlorer IDE.
  • Run(dofile(AEW_NodeMCU_Info.lua) the file in file list.
  • Done (you can see the details of NodeMCU firmware details)


Hope this is very useful for you . if you have any Questions about this tutorial ask in command section.

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