ESP8266 NodeMCU – Getting Started

NodeMCU Introduction

    ESP8266 NodeMCU Platform is really very good platform for beginners, you don’t need to remember all ESP8266 registers, address, and so on. You just call the lua function and make your DIY application very quick and easily. Frequently updating thier firmware based on new sensors, and many interfaces. Here below discussed many things and you can lean all the followings


  • what are the different IDE’s are available for ESP8266 NodeMCU Platform?
  • How to build a firmware for ESP8266?
  • How to upload the firmware in to ESP8266 chip?
  • Hello world examples : Printing letters in Serial (UART) and LED Blink.
  • Reference Links

NodeCMU Features

  • Its fully Open Source.
  • Arduino like Hardware i/o.
  • Any one can Programmable.
  • Very cheap and low cost. (Less then 2$-RS120rs aprox at 2015 till a date)
  • So simple and quickly learn
  • Make it your idea Smarter
  • WiFi and Bluetooth enabled



What is NodeMCU?

      NodeMCU is the open source IOT firmware platform by NodeMCU Community for ESP8266 and ESP32 chips. Its is fully based on eLua scripts. Its Dev kit is the ESP8266 based Development kit with AI-thinkers (5x5mm size IC) ESP8266-12e Module. eLua is lua based for embedded application platforms.


Which Kind of ESP8266 Modules board can use for NodeMCU Platform?


How to Write a code for ESP8266 NodeMCU Platform?

NodeMCU eLua Script is a Lua Based scripting language. It’s support many modules like, filesystem, wifi, adc and many more. Easily can use the NodeMCU function directly or upload your lua script application into ESP8266 controller then run it. Because its works with Lua interpreter.   This interpreter compile the code line by line or file also.


How Build the firmware of NodeMCU for ESP8266?


What is the IDE tools can use ESP8266 NodeMCU  platform?

  • Three more different kind are tools are available for EPS8266 NodeMCU Platforms, like ESPlorer, Lua loader, ESP8266 Web File  Manager.




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