8051 – Load a HEX file into the Micro-controller

           This tutorial you can learn How to load a HEX file into the AT89S51 MicroController  I chooses AT89S51 micro controller(You can select any other keil support micro controller) and demonstrated, this is very simple and follow this below steps,

  • 8051 Tutorials – How to load a HEX file into the AT89S51 MicroController?


Required software

Required components and Programmer

  • 1x AT89S51 Controller
  • 1x 4Mhz Crystal
  • 2x 22pf capacitor
  • ISP AVR USB programmer

Circuit Diagram

Steps to follow

Connect the all components as per the above circuit diagram

  • Open the ProgISP Application

  • Select correct chip at drop down option in Select Chip from PROGRAM menu tab.

  • Connect your ISP programmer with Programmer Machine
  • Check selected chip is successfully connected with ProgISP software using click RD button in PROGRAM menu tab (After click RD you will get the following details in status section)
  • Note : This Status means you are connected your micro-controller and Programmer with ProgIPS Software Successfully


  • If the micro-controller and programmer are not connected with ProgISP software tools means you will get a error log

  • Click Load Flash from File menu tab

  • Open the HEX file folder then select the HEX file and Click Open Button

  • If the HEX file is successfully loaded you will can see like a status

  • Click Auto from the PROGRAM (Programming Section)

  • Done! You can see the status like below image

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