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Where to Buy ESP8266 Modules?

Before Buy a ESP8266 module. you should know what are the different kind of modules are available and its feature. Explained everything in the post see here. if you seen that post you will get a idea about which ESP8266 suitable for your requirement. if your beginner  recommend to buy the NodeMCU Dev Board.

Now a days  everything’s come to online, so no worry to buy anything. if you order anything you will get within a days. The best way to buy a ESP8266 in ebay. Because lot of seller giving different prices from Low to High. you can also try some others like Amazon, Ali-express etc. click the below link to buy a ESP8266 in online


What is the main difference b/w nodemcu and ESP-WROOM-02?

  • Nodemcu
    • NodeMCU is a lua based open source platform for ESP8266.
    • nodemcu dev kits it’s a development kit of NodeMCU
  • ESP8266 Wroom-02
    • ESPressif is the maker and manufacturer of ESP8266 chips.
    • ESP8266 WROOM-02 is development board of Espressif.

Coding wise any deference is there between ESP-Wroom-02 and NdeMCU?

  • Answer is no.
  • Because hardware components may vary from different kind of ESP8266 boards like antenna design, PCB design, PCB board Layer size, Flash memory GPIO pin extensions and Board size.
  • You first choose your programming platform (NodeMCU, Arduino, Direct C, Mongoose OS, MicroPhython, ESP8266 Basic). ESP8266 Supports many different programming language like C, C++, Lua, JavaScript, Python and many more.

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