ESP8266 – Programmer and Flasher IDE

Programmer also in-build design when you buy NodeMCU Dev board, Sparkfun Thing Dev Board and some other boards. Three more way to program and flash firmware to ESP8266. Mostly using CP2102 USB-TTL UART or PL2303 USB-TTL programmer. you can use your ardiuno board as a ESP8266 programmer. But you can also use your arduino board as a ESP8266 Programmer (like a other Programmer).

Ai-thinkers Modules : Ai-Thinkers modules are designed with external flash memory. so need serial programmer for upload and flash the program into can use any one of the serial USB to UART programmer.

USB to UART Serial programmer

Use Your Arduino Board as a ESP8266 Programmer

.Just use your arduino Board as a ESP8266 Programmer..No nedd FDTI chip or other programmer

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Required Hardware Component

  • 1x ESP8266 Any Module( Used Ai-Thingers ESP-12F)
  • Arduino Uno Board – Any Version(*Try Another Arduino Board)
  • USB Cable for Arduino Board
  • Wires

Required Software and Tools

  • Windows or Linux System
  • Arduino IDE (or) ESPlorer IDE (or) Lua Loader
  • 5Nos Wires

Connection Diagram

  • Refer the above diagram and connect your ESP8266(Ai-Thingers) module with arduino board.
  • But one thing is important ” You must remove the “Atmega IC”.
  • because we only using that board as a programmer, Otherwise Binary files also upload in your arduino Atmega IC”. This is very simple

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