What is Lua-RTOS?

Lua language based real time operating system called Lua-RTOS. The main feature of this design is running with minimal requirements like Flash and Random-Access Memory. Its a core of Whitecat Ecosystem, also can easily ported with any other 32bit platforms. Lua-RTOS have three layer design and bottom layer (below Mentioned)  is Hardware abstraction it only communicate with platform hardware.  when you need to port any other 32bit platform you need to write a bottom layer only and top and middle layers are same for all platforms. Now available for ESP8266, ESP32 and PIC32MHZ.


Lua-RTOS Three layers Design

  1. Top Layer – Lua 5.3.4 interpreter
  2. Middle Layer – FreeRTOS
  3. Bottom Layer – Hardware Abstraction

Lua-RTOS Supports various ESP32 Boards

  • Whitecat ESP32 N! Board
  • ESP32 Core
  • ESP32 Thing (Sparkfun)

Install the Lua RTOS firmware on any ESP32 board

The Whitecat IDE

The Whitecat IDE an online programming environment for Lua-RTOS platforms devices. for this you need to sign in google+ with this ide. and also only chrome browser supports. for this you need to install the drivers of the Boards.

Two Programmings  Ways

  • Lua Language (Directly)

  • Block based Programming Language (Translate block into Lua)

Note : Using Lua or block method not important, Because both way programmings are the same programming environment.

Whitescat IDE Trouble Shoot

Error : Can’t Connect  to Agent :

Solution. Install Agent.

For Windows :

  1. Click Start.
  2. Search for The Whitecat Create Agent application.
  3. If the application is present, click the Whitecat icon for launch the agent.
  4. If the applications is not present, the agent is not installed.

If the agent is not installed follow this instructions for install it.

  • Download the installer :
  • Run the installer (For now, the installer is not signed, so you will receive this warning:) Click More info, and then Run anyway, for continue with the installation.
  • Allow the installer to make changes to your computer (The installer need to install some files in the system area, such as the scripts for launch the agent at boot time. Click Yes for continue.)
  • Next, next, and Finish
  • The White Create Agent is running now ( Once installed, The Whitecat Create Agent is running. In the system try, the Whitecat’s icon appears, indicating that the agent is running:)
  • Open The Whitecat IDE and start to create ESP32 applications for Lua RTOS devices in an easy way.

for Mac OS :

  1. Open finder.
  2. Search for The Whitecat Create Agent Folder.
  3. If folder exist, open it.
  4. Click The Whitecat Create Agent icon for launch the agent.
  5. If folder doesn’t exists, the agent is not installed.

for Ubuntu:

  1. Check if the Whitecat’s icon is in your desktop, and click for launch the agent.
  2. If icon is not present click Search and enter The Whitecat Create Agent, if finded click the Whitecat’s icon for launch the agent.
  3. If nothing is found, the agent is not installed.

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