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   This is the original, best-selling Arduino course on ArunEworld, by Tech Exploration. It is trusted by thousands of students, and contains 52 hours of content, quizzes, Github code repository, thousands of active student discussions, and countless downloadable and linked resources.

Please don’t be confused by other courses with a similar name.

  • This course is for the new Arduino Maker.
  • Do you have a passion for learning?
  • Are you excited about becoming a Maker with the Arduino?
  • If you answered “yes!” to both, then you are ready to get started!

In making this course, I emphasized the importance of getting the basics right and learning to mastery. As an educator for over 2 years, I know first-hand that hitting a roadblock because you lack the fundamental knowledge to progress can be demotivating.



Syllabus – Basic (30 Hours)

Module 1: Introduction and Familiarization

  • Course Introduction
  • Hardware Overview
  • Download and Install the Arduino IDE
  • Arduino IDE and Sketch Overview
  • Understanding Arduino Syntax


Module 2: Basics

  • Understanding and Using Variables
  • Blink an LED
  • digitalRead() and Serial Port Communication
  • analogRead() and Serial Port Communications
  • Reading Analog Pins and Converting the Input to a Voltage
  • Fade an LED with Pulse Width Modulation using analogWrite()


Module 3: Control

  • If-Else Statement, Comparison Operators and Condition
  • For Loop Iteration
  • How to Use Arrays
  • Switch Case Statement and Using a Keyboard for Data Collection
  • While statement


Module 4: Digital

  • Blink an LED Without using the delay() Function
  • Using Buttons
  • State Change Detection and the Modulo Operator
  • De-bouncing a Button


Module 5: Analog

  • Analog I/O and Serial Communications
  • Analog Input
  • Calibration
  • Smoothing Data

Syllabus – Advanced (60 Hours)

Chapter 1.

  • Getting started with Arduino.
  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Setup your computer to use Arduino.
  • Understanding electronics elements
  • Resistors, capacitors, transistors, relays etc.


Chapter 2. ( LEDs.)

  • Blinking of LEDs
  • Fading of LED.
  • Circling of LEDs. ( FOR loop)
  • Blinking of EVEN and ODD states of LEDs.
  • LED dice.
  • Traffic light system.
  • And many more projects


Chapter 3. ( Serial monitoring.)

  • Controlling of LEDs from your computer.
  • Reading analog and digital inputs.


Chapter 4. ( Digital inputs)

  • Controlling LED using push button.
  • Switching ON a relay.


Chapter 5.  (Analog inputs.)

  • Controlling of LEDs using a joystick.
  • Controlling a DC motor, PWM.
  • Changing the brightness of LEDs using potentiometers.


Chapter 6. ( LCD displays.)

  • Wiring of LCD screen with Arduino.
  • Displaying a message in LCD screen.
  • Screen navigation on LCD.
  • Turn ON a LED by entering the password.
  • Knowing the status of the LED.
  • Scrolling of text.
  • Displaying room temperature using LM 35 temperature sensor.


Chapter 7 (Seven segment display.)

  • Simple automatic countdown and count up (FOR loop)
  • Increment or decrements a number by using push button.


Chapter 8. ( Servo motors.)

  • Controlling Servo Motor with Joystick
  • Indexing of Servo motor
  • Direction control of Servo Motor
  • Servo Motor based Projects
  • Synchronizing 2  Servo Motors



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