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How Install the grafana in windows

Notes : We tested and installed on 2018 April 17th


Download Grafana

Configure Grafana

  • Go to conf  directory and copy the defaults.ini  file and rename the defaults - Copy.ini  file as custom.ini .
  • Edit the custom.ini  file and change the default grafana port is 3000  instead of 8080 . (Note:- Mostly at line 35)

Install Grafana using NSSM

  • Download the latest release of NSSM software and extract anywhere in your machine. Copy the  nssm.exe  file and paste in c:\  Directory (Installed : nssm 2.24)
  • Run the command  c:\>nssm install Grafana  from Administrator command prompt.
  • It will Pop-Up the NSSM Service Installer

  • Choose the Grafana path in the application tab (Ex: C:\grafana-5.0.4\bin\grafana-server.exe )
  • The Startup directory automatically added when selscted the correct path (Ex: C:\grafana-5.0.4\bin )
  • Set the Display Name as Grafana in Details tab (Ex : Grafana )
  • Set startup type: as Automatic (Delayed Start)  in Details tab
  • Log on tab choose Local System account  if you don’t have grafana credentials. else you have then choose This account  and enter the mail id  and set password  then confirm  again.
  • Everything Well now click the Install service button then you can see the status of installation in Command prompt like below


Run the Grafana

  • Open windows services in command prompt :- c:\>services.msc
  • RUn the Service Grafana .(Right Click and start Service)
  • Go to any browser and hit the details  http://localhost:8080/  .
  • You can see the Grafana login page, enter the credentials username : admin  and password : admin

  • Done



Grafana We host It

Note : This free service only for single user and up-to 5 dashboards with SSL. Tested on 2018 April 17 using Mozilla Firefox Browser.

  • Go to
  • Pop up windows shows if your not login or sign up
  • Log in after select Plan as free
  • Choose your preferred URL and make sure its available Ex :
  • Select I agree to the terms of service & MSA
  • Click Create Hosted Instance
  • Then Go to your URL then wait a minutes (Ex: ), It will redirect to login page.
  • Once you logged on you can see the dashboard



  • How to upload the data into grafana?


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