8051 Tutorials – 10hz Square wave generator using Timer



                            This tutorial you can learn 10hz Square wave generator using Timer using micro controller. I chooses AT89S51 micro controller(You can select any other keil support micro controller) and demonstrated, this is very simple and follow this below steps,

Required software


Required components and Programmer

  • 1x AT89S51 Controller
  • 1x 4Mhz Crystal
  • 2x 22pf capacitor
  • ISP AVR USB programmer


C code




ESP8266 NodeMCU Module – Timer


ESP8266 NodeMCU timer provides 7 (0-6) static timer function of timer module. we can’t use more than 7. Also you can create object based timer function with custom name. we can use this timer function like following applications

  • To blink LED for certain time duration its like repeated process.
  • To monitor the WiFi Status of ESP8266 IP address.


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