ESP32 – Different Kind Of Boards

ESP32 IC is manufactured by ESPressif, but all over the world many organization and companies are doing the development boards for different specifications. here discussed allESP32 modules.



Espressif  ESP-WROOM32 Module


ESP-WROOM-32 Front

ESP-WROOM-32 back



  • DevKitC is a development board with latest ESP32-WROM Module by ESPressif.


  • ESP32-DevKitC is a small-sized  by ESPressif and its ESP32-based development board
  • For quick and easy interface, most of i/o pins are exposed in pin headers on two side.
  • But no built in LED in board , The LED D1 is the Power Red LED for indicating power in the development board


ESP32-DevKitC Schematic



How to compile and download BIN files to the ESP32-DevKitC by using example/01_hello_world in ESP-IDF as an example?

  • The hardware listed below are required:
    • 1 × ESP32-DevKitC
    • 1 × PC (with Windows OS as an example in this document)
    • 1 × USB cable
  • The tools listed below are required:





  • Details will Add Soon

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Adafruit HuZZAH32



  • 240 MHz dual core Tensilica LX6 microcontroller with 600 DMIPS
  • Integrated 520 KB SRAM
  • Integrated 802.11b/g/n HT40 Wi-Fi transceiver, baseband, stack and LWIP
  • Integrated dual mode Bluetooth (classic and BLE)
  • 4 MByte flash include in the WROOM32 module
  • On-board PCB antenna
  • Ultra-low noise analog amplifier
  • Hall sensor
  • 10x capacitive touch interface
  • 32 kHz crystal oscillator
  • 3 x UARTs (only two are configured by default in the Feather Arduino IDE support, one UART is used for bootloading/debug)
  • 3 x SPI (only one is configured by default in the Feather Arduino IDE support)
  • 2 x I2C (only one is configured by default in the Feather Arduino IDE support)
  • 12 x ADC input channels
  • 2 x I2S Audio
  • 2 x DAC
  • PWM/timer input/output available on every GPIO pin
  • OpenOCD debug interface with 32 kB TRAX buffer
  • SDIO master/slave 50 MHz
  • SD-card interface support


DFRobot ESP32 Module


Hornbill ESP32


Sparkfun ESP32 Thing



Seeedstudio’s ESP32S


Whitecat ESP32 Boards



Whitecat ESP32 N1 (Without LoRa Transceiver)

  • The Whitecat ESP32 N1 integrates an Espressif’s ESP32 MCU and a LoRa WAN transceiver in one board.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. All this, with the on board LoRa WAN transceiver, places the N1 as an ideal platform to deploy real IOT use cases, in both outdoor and indoor environments.


  • Dual-core Tensilica LX6 microprocessor
  • Up to 240MHz clock frequency
  • 520kB internal SRAM
  • Integrated LoRa WAN transceiver working in the 868 (EU) Mhz / 915 (USA) Mhz, with on board antenna, and UFL connector for external antenna
  • Integrated 802.11 BGN WiFi transceiver, with on board antenna, and UFL connector for external antenna
  • Integrated dual-mode Bluetooth (classic and BLE)
  • 3.3 to 5.5V operating range through input voltage regulator
  • Second voltage regulator for power on / power off sensors through a dedicated GPIO
  • Peripherals: SPI, I2C, I2S, SDIO, UART, CAN, ETHERNET, IR, PWM, DAC, ADC.
  • RTC clock
  • 4MB Flash memory
  • Small form-factor: 78 x 26 mm

Whitecat ESP32 N1 LORA (With  LoRa Transceiver)

  • Will add soon.





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