Mongoose-OS – Get Start

Mongoose-OS IDE’s

  • Web Browser based
  • Visual basic extensions

mos tool

What is mos tool ?

  • We need IDE for our project development.
  • mos tool like a web browser based IDE.
  • we can use the mos tool to firmware upload & update, Build the firmware from c source, debug purpose and so on.


ESP32 – Getting Started

ESP32 Features

  • The ESP32 WiFi and Bluetooth chip is the generation of Espressif products.
  • It has a dual-core 32-bit MCU, which integrates WiFi HT40 and Bluetooth/BLE 4.2 technology inside.
  • It is equipped with a high-performance dual-core Tensilica LX6 MCU.
  • One core handles high speed connection and the other for standalone application development.
  • The dual-core MCU has a 240 MHz frequency and a computing power of 600 DMIPS.
  • In addition, it supports Wi-Fi HT40, Classic Bluetooth/BLE 4.2, and more GPIO resources.
  •  ESP32 chip integrates a wealth of hardware peripherals, including Capacitive touch sensors, Hall sensors, low noise sensor amplifiers, SD card interfaces, Ethernet interfaces,  High-speed SDIO / SPI, UART,  I2S and I2C, etc.


ESP8266 – Getting Started

ESP8266 is a powerful micro-controller with in-build WiFi. if your a beginner or expert this is the right place to enhance your knowledge about ESP8266 and its applications. Now a this ESP8266 is very famous because its main feature and using many more applications like Home Applications. Home Automation, Smart Plugs and Lights, Mesh Network, Industrial Wireless Control, Baby Monitors, IP Cameras, Sensor Networks, Wearable Electronics, WiFi Location-aware Devices, Security ID Tags, WiFi Position System Beacons. ESP8266 is a popular chip in the internet of things world, before Learn about ESP8266 you should know about Espressif.

  • Where to Buy ESP8266 Modules? See Here

         ESP8266 is a very popular and powerful controller. Main feature of the controller is WiFi in build. you can do any internet of things based projects and product based on the chip very easy. because many language and library are available for this controller. also very chip cost. here below see the specification and feature of esp8266.


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