ESP8266 MQTT broker BONDAR.

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Download Bin FIle


Flash the Bondar Firmware

  • your ESP8266 starting from address 0x0. (Use or ESP Flash Download Tool)
  • For Linus
    • sudo -p /dev/ttyUSB0 --baud 9600 write_flash -fs 32m-c1 -fm dio -ff 40m 0x00000 bondar.bin


ESP8266 Configuration

  • ESP8266 will start as Access Point mode. and named as Bondar_XXXXXXXXX  . (Ex refer Below image : Bondar_2e3ae80cb19a ) and should use default password 12345678

  • Now connect that AP Network (Bondar_2e3ae80cb19a ) with your laptop or mobile.
  • Go to in your browser and you will get a configuration page. Then enter your wifi Credential and your he user and password used on

  • Reset the ESP8266 by Click button and also unplug and re-plug the power cable (I recommend you to unplug and then plug the power cable).
  • After Rest you can see when did soft web browser reset button Account Details

  • Login to your home page on
  • You will see your allocated topic
  • Use allocated_topic/your_topics to connect to and /allocated_topic/your_topic to connect from your Wi-Fi network.

Note :   Always use your email address and the password used on to publish and subscribe. In this way your data is protected and no one will get access to your data since the topic is secret and you are using your username and password to publish and subscribe to the cloud.

Important :  i was tried that on 20171005 but its not work so i need to check again  once if its work i will update everything whenever I’m free. feel free to contcat anything regard this demo @ +918300026060 and [email protected]


10 thoughts on “ESP8266 MQTT broker BONDAR.”

  1. Hi.. bondar.bin file is uploading perfectly and it is getting finished but I am not able to get acess to Bondar_xxxx in wifi could u please clarify me how to get it correctly and how to make ESP8266 as a AP access point.

    1. Hi praneeta, just flash the firmware at 0x0 location… It’s should work.. And you will can see the Bondar_Xxxxx like a access point in wifi scan network

      1. Hi.. yes I flash the firmware at 0x0 location only. any hardware modifications, only GPIO0 to a ground or any code required before flashing the firmware.

          1. Yeah I did Like that only but I am not getting acess to any acess points. How can I know whether it is downloaded correctly or not?

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