Embedded Protocol – Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless personal area network(WAN). BLE acronomy for Bluetooth Low Energy. One of the most popular short ‐ range wireless communication standard. Known as IEEE 802.15.1, now maintained by SIG (Special Interest Group). Bluetooth is everywhere. How many Bluetooth devices are there in the room? Cellphones, wireless mouse/keyboard, smart watch/bracelet, earphone, ibeacon.


Embedded Sensor – Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR)


  • PIR – Passive InfraRed Sensor
  • PIR consists of a Pyroelectric sensor which generates energy when exposed to heat.
  • The module covered with Fresnel Lense Cover.
  • BISS0001 micro Power PIR Motion Detector IC.




  • Passive Infrared Detector for Anti Theft security alarm system.
  • Passive Infrared Detector based Light On/OFF.
  • Automatic Light  ON/OFF.
  • Many other motion Detection Application.


Different PIR Modules

The HC-SR501 PIR Sensor Module

  • Working voltage : 5v to 20V DC
  • Range : 3 to 7 meters
  • Induction Lens size : 23mm.
  • PCB Size : 32mm x24mm.
  • Pins Details
    • Ground pin
    • VCC pin
    • Output pin (high logic level if an object is detected)
  • Two potentiometers.
    • One for adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor
    • Another for adjusting the time (0.3 Seconds up to 5 minutes) the output signal stays high when object is detected.
  • Jumper Settings (Selecting the trigger modes)
    • non-repeatable trigger – when the sensor output is high and the delay time is over, the output will automatically change from high to low level.
    • Repeatable trigger –  will keep the output high all the time until the detected object is present in sensor’s range

Arduino Example code :






Watch Video Tutorial (ArunEworld ‘s  Playlist Embedded Sensor -PIR)


Reference :

Embedded Compiler – IAR Workbench

how to print to debugger console in IAR?

  • you have to do is to #include <stdio.h>  and use printf() in your code.

Steps to follow

  • Project options -> Linker -> Output (tab)
  • In the “Format” section where you have selected “Debug information for C-SPY” you need to have “With I/O emulation modules” checked (this requires “with run-time control modules”)
  • Printf results you can see in View -> Terminal I/O from the top menu.


Getting Started with IAR Workbence for STM8


  • 1. Projcet -> Create a new project -> Toolchain -> STM Series Praject Template -> Empty Projcet
    (then click “Ok”).
  • Save Your Project (File -> Save worksapce)
  • Notes : The project will appear in the Workspace window.
  • By default, two build configurations are created—Debug and Release
  • Before you add any files to your project, you should save the workspace.

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