ESP8266 Arduino-core Tutorial – HTTP Post Data to Web Page

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  • ESP8266 send data to website?
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  • How to Send Data from Arduino to Webpage using WiFi?
  • How to send data to a server using ESP8266 with Arduino?



  • ESP8266 Any Module (Used NodeMCU Dev Kit Version 1.0)
  • Arduino IDE with ESP8266 Platform
  • Web Sever (Shared, Lunux, Windows or Own Server like with any hosting provides : Amazon, GoDaddy, GlobeHost, BlueHost, HostingRaja and etc)
  • Cpanel Login Access and update index file contend


Cpanel index.php  code



ESP8266 Arduino-Core Code



ESP8266 Arduino-Core Tutorial – Web Server

TCP Server Listener

The below Arduino code will also create a server and Access Point in ESP8266 which will continuously listen for a connection.


After uploading this sketch, you can find a new Access Point named “test” from your Laptop or PC.



ESP8266 NodeMCU Tutorial – Web Server

Simple Web Server

  • Simple web server display heap, ip, mac address some other details ..
  • First need to connect ESP8266 with WiFi Router. then access the web server using ip address


TCP Server Listener

This code given below will configure the ESP to act as an Access Point and it has its own SSID=”ArunEworld” and Password=”Arun” and also act as the server which will continuously listen for a connection.




Host pot


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