ESP8266 NodeMCU Module – File


File Modes

  •    – read mode (the default)
  • w   – write mode
  • a    – append mode
  • r+  – update mode, all previous data is preserved
  • w+– update mode, all previous data is erased
  • a+ – append update mode, previous data is preserved, writing is only allowed at the end of file

File Functions

  • – Open a file (Create a new file when write mode)
    •, mode)
      • Eg :"New_File", "r")
      • returns nil if file not open, else file opened returns true
  • file.remove() – Remove a file.
    • file.remove(filename)
      • Eg: file.remove(“New_File”)
      • return nil (nothing)
  • file.rename() – Rename the file.
    • file.rename(oldname, newname)
      • Eg: file.rename(“Old_File”, “New_File”)
      • return true if success, false if error.

Create a New file

  •“File_Name”, “Mode”) 

File – Hello world Program


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