ESP8266 NodeMCU – Flash Firmware

For beginner to recommend use the NodeMCU Flasher.



  • What is NodeMCU Flasher tool?
  • How Download the NodeMCU Flasher tool?
  • Which platform PC’s devices supports NodeMCU Flasher tool?
    • Windows
  • Can i update firmware using NodeMCU Flasher tool into any kind of ESP8266 Module
    • Yes you can do.
  • Why firmware not update in ESP8266?
    • Make sure you enabled GPIO-0 Should be Low
  • Which firmware is best to upload to ESP8266 (Float/integer)?
    • Always commanded to flash the  float type firmware because for float type calculation and also precision process works well with float firmware


NodeMCU Flasher Programmer

  • NodeMCU Flasher tool is flashing the NodeMCU Firmware to ESP8266 Easily.
  • This tool is developed by NodeMCU.


Flash Custom NodeMCU Firmware into ESP8266 using NodeMCU Flasher Tool

  • Build your custom firmware and upload using below steps



  • ESP8266 (Any module)
  • USB to UART Programmer or Ardunio Uno Board
  • NodeMCU Flasher Progarmmer
  • Some wire(May require)
  • NodeMCU Firmware (.bin file)


Connection Diagram


ESP-07 with FDTI Programmer


ESP-01 Module with CP2102 FTDI Programmer


ESP-01 Module with Arduino Uno board as Programmer

ESP-07 Module with FDTI Programmer


ESP-12 Module with FDTI Programmer

NodeMCU Dev Kit



Follow Steps

  • Step 1 : Go-to  NodeMCU Flasher  Programmer tool folder and open ESP8266Flasher.exe

  • Step 2 : Click the Gear Icon Upload the NodeMCU Custom firmware into NodeMCU Flasher Tool in config tab (Note : Don’t set any offset memory address in config tab, Leave default value 0x00000)


Gear Icon


NodeMCU Custom Firmware

Uploaded file in path with green background, Set offset as 0x00000


  • Step 3 : Make sure correct COM pot of ESP8266 USB port detected.

For My case COM is 7 When i was use one ESP8266 Module, It May be Change when using Different ESP8266and Different USB PORTs


  • Step 4 : Click flash button to flash the  firmware into ESP8266


  • Step 5 : Wait a moment when finish the firmware flash (Green Tick will can see, if the process success)


Green Right tick Symbol


NodeMCU Flasher Programmer Note :

  • Tips: You could use some special path to do something interesting.
    • The blank.bin file:  INTERNAL://BLANK
    • The esp_init_data_default.bin file(for 26MHz crystal):  INTERNAL://DEFAULT


NodeMCU Flasher Programmer Troubleshoot Guide

  • When the path have some error(e.g. file not exist), the line will become red. (Green shows when correct path file present )

  • What is the meaning of Red symbol when flashe fineshed

This red mark only present when the flash not finished. Check the correct COM port and make sure GPIO-0 Should be Low mode






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