ESP8266 NodeMCU – IDE

Three Different IDE’s are available fro NodeMCU ESP8266 Platfom

  • ESPlorer
  • Lua Loader
  • ESP8266 Web File Manager

ESPlorer IDE

  • ESPlorer is java based a wonderful user interface IDE for developers of (ESP8266 chips) NodeMCU, MycroPython, AT-Based, RN2483 development.
  • Its fully written in Java.


ESPlorer IDE Screenshots.

Getting Started with ESPlorer IDE


First Watch this Video tutorial



Step to Follow

  • Basic Connection Diagram (Refer the above image)
  • Open ESPlorer IDE
  • When opened ESPlorer shows Serial port chooser may be blank.
  • Click  Scan system for available serial port
  • Plug your ESP866 Programmer Setup with your computer
  • Now click, Scan system for available serial port
    • If COM Port not detected, then check COM port is enabled in Device manager
      • Open Device Manager(Windows + X)
      • Check COM Port is enabled
        • If not  enable check the reson
        • If enabled note that COM port number and again scan in ESPlorer IDE.

      If COM Port detected  then it will shows that COM port number.

  • Select correct Baud rate (try 9600,57600, 115200)
  • Open” Select Serial Port
    • Showing “PORT OPEN 9600” (eg Buad rate :9600)
    • showing “Communication with MCU..
  • now try any library functions
    • Eg: node.heap(), node.chipid()



ESPlorer FAQ

ESPlorer Troubleshooting Guide

How to Download and install the ESPlorer IDE

  • This IDE run all machines of Windows (x86,x64), Mac OS X(x86, x86-64, PPC, PPC64), Linux(x86, x86-64, ARM soft & hard float) and Solaris(x86, x86-64).
  • Pr-request to install the java latest version in your machine
  • Download IDE here
  • You don’t need to install the ESPlorer IDE in your machine. you need to just run the application of ESPlorer executable file. Because this IDE is created like application based on Java.

What communication method  is using ESPlorer IDE with ESP8266?

  • This ESPlorer IDE is establish a serial UART communication with ESP8266 NodeMCU Supported Boards.
  • Send the commands like NodeMCU functions call , AT commands, upload your code into ESP8266 via serial UART Communications.

What is the UART baud rate should set in ESPlorer IDE?

  • Mostly ESPlorer IDE Communicating ESP8266 with 9600, 57600, 115200,

How to upload lua file to ESP8266 using ESPlorer?

  • Click “Upload” button in “Script” tab of “NodeMCU & MicroPython” tab section
  • Select file need to upload , Eg : ArunEworld.lua
  • Double click the file or click “open button” in popup window
  • You can see this message in terminal windows, if file upload success Uploading to ESP file init.lua...Success

Note : Make sure you uploaded file is in the list(click “Reload” button in file manager panel at right side)and list out ESP8266 files)

How “Run” or dofile(File_Name)  in ESP8266 using ESplore IDE?

How run the NodeMCU Lua file in ESP8266 using ESPlorer IDE?

  • Select the file you want  to run or  dofile
  • Right click the mouse and click run file_"file_name"  or click on the file

How to view the NodeMCU Lua file’s list in ESP8266 using ESPlorer IDE?

How to view the NodeMCU Lua list of files info in ESP8266 using ESPlorer IDE?

Check command  :


Ouputs (Eg)

How to download the NodeMCU Lua file to ESP8266 using ESPlorer IDE?

How to compile the NodeMCU Lua file to ESP8266 using ESPlorer IDE?

How to remove the NodeMCU Lua file in ESP8266 using ESPlorer IDE?

How to rename the NodeMCU Lua file in ESP8266 using ESPlorer IDE?

 How to format or erase NodeMCU files in ESP8266 using ESPlorer IDE?

  • Format(erase) NodeMCU files system. All files  will be removed.

What is difference between “AEW_Blink.lua” file and “” file?

ESPlorer Troubleshoot

file  not upload?

  • if file contains nothing or data not there inside, its should not upload, and show status “BUSY


Not Enough memory?

  • ESP8266 will get error when you continuously printing something or continuously running a some function


Communicating with MCU?

  • It’s not a error. its a status, try some NodeMCU library function further [Ex: node.heap()]
  • Try different baud rate [9600, 57600, 115200]


COM Port Not Detected

  • Check your USB to TTL/Serial Programmer connection
  • Make Sure COM port is Enabled in [Windows + X] Device manager (if Disabled do manually install the driver)


Could not find the main class. ESPlorer cant run program will exit

  • Please install or reinstall java SE version 7 and above.


Can’t auto-detect firmware, because proper answer not received (may be unknown firmware).


Getting  something chunk like this  ëÕ½ou}¯­íë=nogy‰«ax(©íê=ëë—.låax(©íê

  • Please change correct baud rate of UART (try : 9600, 57600, 115200)
  • Check the UART Connection TX, RX pins

Can’t close the serial COM port in  ESPlorer IDE

  • ESPlorer was hanged. So stop that service and reopen the IDE.




Lua Loader by benlo


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