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ESP8266 NodeMCU HTTP Module functions

http.delete() Executes a HTTP DELETE request.
http.get() Executes a HTTP GET request. Executes a HTTP POST request.
http.put() Executes a HTTP PUT request.
http.request() Execute a custom HTTP request for any HTTP method.



  • Executes a HTTP DELETE request. Note that concurrent requests are not supported.
  • Syntax : http.delete(url, headers, body, callback
  • Parameters
    • url The URL to fetch, including the http:// or https:// prefix
    • headers Optional additional headers to append, including \r\n; may be nil
    • body The body to post; must already be encoded in the appropriate format, but may be empty
    • callback The callback function to be invoked when the response has been received or an error occurred; it is invoked with the arguments status_code, body and headers. In case of an error status_code is set to -1.
  • Returns : nil



HTTP Get Example

  • Read your thing-speak text file from below code




HTTP Post Example

Post Data to thinkspeak website



Post Data to aruneworld Website






ESP8266 Arduino-core Tutorial – HTTP Post Data to Web Page

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  • ESP8266 Any Module (Used NodeMCU Dev Kit Version 1.0)
  • Arduino IDE with ESP8266 Platform
  • Web Sever (Shared, Lunux, Windows or Own Server like with any hosting provides : Amazon, GoDaddy, GlobeHost, BlueHost, HostingRaja and etc)
  • Cpanel Login Access and update index file contend


Cpanel index.php  code



ESP8266 Arduino-Core Code



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